HefnyCopter-II Features

X and + Mode

You can switch modes between X Quad & +Quad without the need to change board orientation or upload a different software. You can simply use TX sticks to switch between these modes or LCD.

This is a main feature for HefnyCopter firmware. HefnyCopter does allow you to install the board in X or PLUS configuration starting from version 0.7. You can install your board in the way that best suits your quadcopter design, while you can fly in X or PLUS mode regardless of board orientation. Please check this video for a demo.


Smart RX Wiring

Instead of wiring five connections from RX to the board, RX board pin order are changed from [AIL, ELE, THR, RUD, AUX] to [AIL, ELE, THR, RUD, AUX]. That means you need only one cable to connect AIL, ELE & THR. That means less wires around the board.



Motor [5,6,7,8] pins are used as RX signals. This allows you to use UART1 for sending and receiving data. Another mode is the BuddyMode. In this mode HefnyCopter allows you to connect two RX to your quadcopter. This allows you to train your friend or your son without taking risk of crashing your quadcopter. In BuddyControl mode you can use the AUX to switch control between you and your buddy. In buddy mode you cannot arm your quad unless both RX signals are ok. Please refer “Wiring Connections for Extreme Configuration” to know proper connections.


New Stabilization System

HefnyCopter2 implements an enhanced PID algorithm. The KK2 board contains ACC & GYRO that much better stability. PID is implemented for Gyro & Acc and allows negative and positive values to maximize your range.

Please refer to videos in the useful links for a demo.


Auto Disarming

When leaving throttle stick down without disarming, your quad will wait for a certain time then disarm itself as a safety procedure. You can control this period from Misc menu or disable it by setting value to 0 based on your preference. Also whenever you press a button while the board is armed it disarms itself.


Lost Buzzer

If at any time the signal was lost while motors are running buzzer works to help you to know your Quadcoper location. It is also very useful when you accidently close your TX while your quadcopter is on ground without disarming it first. Please refer to this Video Demo.


Sticks as Buttons

Sometimes your buttons will be hard to access because of wires or a plastic cover. Sticks can be used as buttons for changing settings in the field fast. Please note that only RX-2 can be used as button, as it is the main RX.


Sonar for Altitude Hold

Sonar HC-SR04 Arduino can be connected to KK2 starting from version 0.9.4 in order to add altitude hold feature to KK2. Check this Video for a demo.


Two TX for Training

You can use two transmitters in parallel using two RX on your quadcopter if you fly in "Buddy Mode", this is helpful if you want to train someone connect and external UAV to your board and need to take control when needed. Check this Video for a demo.